Samuel Barbosa home slider 2 Samuel Barbosa will be sharing his thoughts on all things investment related, including asset management, financial advice, global investment and tax management. Welcome to the personal website of Dr Samuel Barbosa Da Cunha

Dr Samuel Barbosa Da Cunha is CEO & Chairman at Bar Trading Group and Bar Trading Japan.

Bar Trading Group is a global network of investment experts located in Singapore, Wellington, Lisbon, New York, San Paulo, Tokyo, Beijing and Japan.

Dr Samuel Barbosa Da Cunha says: “We are investment bankers, and we focus on financial services for high net worth clients, both corporate and individual.”

Bar Trading Japan was launched in 2006 and has the same remit, specialising in investment management, project funding, capital markets, foreign exchange, financial advice, retirement and tax management, property protection and asset management. In 2014, Bar Trading Japan expanded further into Asia with the launch of Bar Trading Japan [HK] Ltd, based in Hong Kong.

Samuel Barbosa is based in Tokyo, Japan and has previously worked for many years in Europe.

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