About Bar Trading Japan

About Bar Trading Japan, Tokyo and Hong Kong

Bar Trading Japan is an investment company based in Tokyo with offices in Hong Kong. Part of the global Bar Trading Group, Bar Trading Japan is led by CEO and Chairman Dr Samuel Barbosa Da Cunha.

About Bar Trading Japan

Bar Trading Japan launched in 2006 to expand the Group’s activities into Asia. Today, Bar Trading Japan specialises in the following for high net worth clients, both corporate and individual:

  • Investment Management
  • Asset Protection
  • Project Funding
  • Capital Markets
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Financial Advice
  • Retirement Pension Management

Bar Trading Japan controls an investment pool in excess of 1 billion Euros, and in 2014 expanded into Hong Kong with Bar Trading Japan [HG] Ltd to further expand activities in this region.

The combined investment portfolio for Bar Trading Japan and Bar Trading Japan [HK] Ltd, consists of cash and structured bonds and securities worth more than 40 billion Euros.

Bar Trading Japan investment philosophy

Bar Trading Japan has a clear adherence to the following, and works to:

  1. Minimise the risk of permanent capital loss for investors.
  2. Achieve a long-term return on investment after adjustment for prioritised risks.

The company’s current goal is to establish a watertight bond fund with the current pool of investors, making it possible to diversify for clients and access markets outside of Asia.

About Bar Trading Group

Dr Samuel Barbosa Da Cunha is also CEO & Founder of the global financial services network Bar Trading Group.

The Bar Trading Group provides innovative and disruptive financial solutions for high net worth clients around the world. Unhindered by preconceived notions, the Group works to find bespoke solutions involving alternative financing, asset monetisation, trade management programmes, high yield trade programmes, private placement programmes, among others.

A focus on the most up-to-date technology ensures that the Bar Trading Group is always at the cutting edge of the most innovative financial solution. Furthermore, the Group aims to fund breakthrough projects and invest in solutions that are working towards a more harmonious global future for humanity.

Bar Trading Group has operations in:

  • Wellington, New Zealand: Bar Trading New Zealand.
  • Beijing, China: Bar Trading Fund.
  • Tokyo, Japan: Bar Trading Japan.
  • Hong Kong, China: Bar Trading Japan [HK] Ltd.
  • Lisbon, Portugal: Bar Finance Trading.
  • New York, USA: Bar Trading Corporation.
  • San Paulo, Brazil: Bar Trading Brazil.