About Samuel Barbosa


About Dr Samuel Barbosa Da Cunha

Dr Samuel Barbosa Da Cunha has worked within the global financial services industry for more than three decades. Born in Brazil, Samuel Barbosa holds a PhD in Economics and is CEO & Chairman of Bar Trading Japan and the wider investment network Bar Trading Group.

Samuel Barbosa is also CEO and Senior Parter at Worldtrust Investment Holdings Luxembourg. He previously lived and worked in Europe for 25 years and has been based in Tokyo for five years.

Previous roles include as Partner & Managing Director of Mondial Investment Trust, Director at Tavistock Ltd, President & CEO of Medallion Credit Group and CFO & Chief Trading Strategist at Universal Trading Corporation (UNITRADE).

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Work at Bar Trading Japan

His varied and nuanced experience in global financial services plays an integral part of the success of Bar Trading Japan. The investment company is part of the wider Bar Trading Group, which has offices all around the world.

Dr Samuel Barbosa Da Cunha brings his expertise to Bar Trading Japan, which launched in 2006 to expand the Group’s business activities in Asia. The team at Bar Trading Japan comprises investment experts that control a pool of more than 1 billion Euros for corporate and high net worth individual clients.

“Our current overarching goal is to establish the a highly-reliable bond fund with our current investors,” says Samuel Barbosa. “This will expand access to markets outside Asia in order to diversify our clients’ investments. We have consistently protected our Asian portfolio since we began in Tokyo in 2006. Since then, in 2014, we expanded operations to Hong Kong with Bar Trading Japan [HK] Ltd.”